The ZETA Podcast Series

Welcome to the ZETA Podcast Page! Now that you’ve watched Phillip’s chingón documentary, it’s time to join the afterparty. Get up close and personal with the people you just met in this true story. Click below to stream live or download all 5 episodes anytime. Listen up as the Brown Buffalo’s family, foes and friends talk with podcast host Marcos Nájera about all of the madness and magic that fueled Oscar Zeta Acosta’s hardscrabble life.

Episode 1: “Who the F is that?”

Host Marcos Najera introduces us to the Zeta podcast series.  Who is Oscar Zeta Acosta?  If you know, you are way ahead of Najera who admits the US public school system failed him and his fellow Latinos.  The good news is that Najera insists this podcast series is opportunity for you, me, he and we to learn once and for all about this Chicano luminary that history forgot.

Episode 4: “A Vandalized Voice”

The men in Zeta’s life.  From family to friends to former lovers?  You never know—some say Zeta was a constant chameleon in life, love, and the law.  Now, the men weigh in on the Brown Buffalo.  Hear how his son still battles to come to terms with a dad who disappeared from his family, long before he disappeared in Mexico.  Meanwhile, his Rolling Stone editor can’t hold back the emotion when he recalls the conversations he had with the man who’d come to write two of the most important books in the American Chicano cannon.  Hear how a high school student became a Hollywood mogul, in large measure because Zeta the lawyer stood by his side.

Episode 5: “Law, Literature & Racism: Zeta Style”

In the end, we wrap up our series at the beginning.  Host Marcos Najera reports on what he’s learned about Oscar Zeta Acosta. And the contributions he made to the fields of law, literature and long-form journalism.  Did the public system fail Najera and his fellow Latinos?  Perhaps it doesn’t matter.  Ultimately, Oscar Zeta Acosta’s memory lives on as a reminder simply to always use life as opportunity to do more.  And then some more.